QuakeCoRE Research Project Stories

The Disciplinary Theme (DT) & Inter-disciplinary Programme (IP) Research Programmes are comprised of non-contestable Coordinated Research Projects and contestable Research Projects funded under the Request for Proposals (RfP).

The Coordinated Projects are led by the Programme Area Leaders (PALs) and provide a strategic, long-term research framework for each of the research areas.

All researchers are encouraged to engage with these coordinated projects either through the QuakeCoRE website or by reaching out to the relevant Programme Area Leader(s).

QuakeCoRE RfP Research Project Stories

Our annual Request for Proposals (RfP) supports eighteen-month, Associate Investigator led research projects that complement the Coordinated Research Projects within the Disciplinary Themes (DT) and Inter-disciplinary Projects (IP) of QuakeCoRE's Research Programme.

The RfP includes Proposal Development Grants which enable early career researchers to develop strong contestable external research proposals.

The annual call for RfP Projects and Proposal Development Grants is held in September / October and is announced on the QuakeCoRE website and in our newsletter.

QuakeCoRE Scholar Stories


Te Hiranga Rū QuakeCoRE Scholars receive 3-year PhD Scholarships to support their studies in the field of earthquake resilience.

These highly competitive scholarships aim to attract outstanding candidates to support PhD research that contributes to the QuakeCoRE mission, and increases diversity amongst QuakeCoRE PhD students.

Scholarship funding rounds are held in September / October each year and are announced on the QuakeCoRE website and in our newsletter.