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Technology Megatrend Capability Areas

Research technologies provide a platform upon which leading-edge research can be undertaken. 

During QuakeCoRE  Phase 1 we developed national capabilities to an internationally-renowned level in four Technology Platform areas:

  1. large-scale laboratory testing
  2. field instrumentation and monitoring
  3. open-source community databases, and
  4. computational simulation and visualisation

In Phase 2 we plan to use these established strengths to further pursue strategic capability development in the areas of technology megatrends that will have an outsized impact in earthquake resilience research fields. 

The intent of these capability areas is to accelerate the depth and extent of adoption by QuakeCoRE researchers in the Disciplinary Themes and Inter-disciplinary Programmes, as compared to that which would occur passively, and thus harness their transformative potential toward the earthquake resilience mission.

The initial four technology megatrend capability areas for earthquake resilience in Phase 2 are:

  1. Computational Science
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Sensing and Monitoring, and
  4. Materials Science and Manufacturing

Regional Network Areas

The Regional Network Areas act as a co-ordination mechanism provide contextual relevance and rapid embedding of research solutions into tangible advances in earthquake resilience.

During Phase 1 we focused on two principal regions:

  1. South Island-wide impacts from a major Alpine Fault earthquake, and
  2. establishment of the Wellington Earthquake Collaboratory to leverage QuakeCoRE resources toward the concentrated earthquake risk in the nation’s capital

Both of these initiatives were developed with partner programmes (‘Project AF8’, and ‘It’s Our Fault’, respectively), and served as ‘case studies’ to facilitate inter-disciplinary research connectivity within QuakeCoRE projects, but also to engage with stakeholders to translate research outcomes into tangible resilience gains through enabling leverage by external entities. 

The five regional network areas in QuakeCoRE Phase 2 are:

  1. Alpine Fault (South Island-wide)
  2. Wellington
  3. Hikurangi subduction zone (North Island-wide)
  4. Auckland, and
  5. South Pacific