QuakeCoRE Emerging Researcher Chapters

The QuakeCoRE Emerging Researcher Chapters is a community among our students and postdocs. These chapters are open to all students and emerging researchers who are working in the field of earthquake resilience, and aim to promote networking collaboration, and knowledge sharing among members.

These chapters are student led; contact the chapter leaders below if you would like to be involved.



QuakeCoRE Scholars

Brandy Alger
Primary Supervisor: Sarah Beaven (University of Canterbury)
Secondary Supervisor: Christine Kenney (Massey University)
Research Area: DT5

Niranjan Andige
Primary Supervisor: Victoria Chanse (Victoria University of Wellington)
Research Area: DT3

Caelan Church
Primary Supervisor: Caroline Orchiston (University of Otago)
Research Area: DT3

Ekin Gultepe
Primary Supervisor: Santiago Pujol (University of Canterbury)
Research Area: DT2

Sameeah Hameed
Primary Supervisor: Kristin Stock (Massey University)
Research Area: IP4

Beatrice Holman
Primary Supervisor: Annick Masselot (University of Canterbury)
Research Area: DT3

Matt Luani
Primary Supervisor: Siautu Alefaio (Massey University)
Secondary Supervisor(s): Anna Brown (Massey University), Heather Galbraith (Massey University), David Johnston (Massey University)
Research Area: DT4

Kianoush Rostami
Primary Supervisor: Julia Becker (Massey University)
Research Area: IP2

 Melanie Roundill
Primary Supervisor: Denise Blake (Victoria University of Wellington)
Secondary Supervisor: Julia Becker (Massey University)
Research Area: IP2