DT5 - Mātauranga Māori and Earthquake Resilience

Research Summary


Community-led and co-designed participatory research to create and innovate mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) that will facilitate achievement of the earthquake resilience aspirations of tangata whenua. Knowledge translation of research findings will encourage increased understanding within Te Hiranga Rū QuakeCoRE, of iwi, hapū and whānau perspectives on earthquakes and disaster risk reduction.


Research Outline


The Mātauranga Māori research programme will undertake community-oriented and co-designed research to create and innovate Mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) that will support the earthquake resilience aspirations of tangata whenua. Research strands will be underpinned by a Te Ao Māori perspective, and co-created with Māori partners to ensure the design and conduct of research projects remain culturally relevant and appropriate. Earthquake hazard management tools and new knowledges that enhance Māori earthquake resilience will be created through bridging cultural and high spec technologies. Knowledge translation/dissemination will encourage understanding within QuakeCoRE of iwi, hapū and whānau perspectives on earthquakes Five foundation projects will:

- Build Maori seismic research workforce capability and engagement between emerging Māori researchers and Māori communities through seismic research wānanga

- Develop trans-colonising seismic education in the tertiary curriculum to facilitate increased engagement from Māori

- Apply Māori engineering research to enhance wharenui resilience

- Create a comprehensive Ngāti Awa / Te Arawa marae database

- Capture coastal Māori perceptions of and responses to seismic risk communication to inform emergency management policy and practices including tsunami risk mitigation planning.

The research programme strategy prioritises

  • Establishing connections and points of engagement with iwi;
  • Documenting community resilience needs
  • Mapping Māori earthquake resilience aspirations;
  • Creating mechanisms for up-skilling iwi/Māori community research capability, including youth development and conduits into tertiary education

Longer term objectives: Māori community-led research projects that are relevant to QuakeCoRE and selecting appropriate research teams with input from iwi stakeholders to conduct the research

Our People


Programme Leaders: Anthony Hoete, Christine Kenney, Tūmanako Fa'aui

Researchers: Matthew Hughes, Lucy Kaiser, Kristie-Lee Thomas