Technology Platforms


Four Technology Platforms (TP) provide the underpinning experimental (lab and field), computational, and data infrastructure which are necessary for realising QuakeCoREs' vision and mission and involve cross-institutional and industry collaborations.

Leader: Rick Henry
Deputy Leader: Alessandro Palermo

This platform supports enhanced collaboration across domestic and international large-scale experimental facilities, innovative testing procedures and instrumentation. 

Leader: Liam Wotherspoon
Deputy Leader: Quincy Ma & Geoff Rodgers

This platform is building on Aotearoa New Zealand leadership in field testing and monitoring to focus on development of world-class testing technologies and urban system monitoring. 

Leader: Ilan Noy
Supported By: TP3 Working Advisory Group

This platform fosters the contribution to, and utilisation of, existing community databases, as well as enabling the development of new multi-disciplinary databases for transformative research. 

Leader: Brendon Bradley
Deputy Leader: Christopher McGann

This platform provides computational workflows to connect the multi-disciplinary research activities within QuakeCoRE and to provide a means by which research results can be understood in terms of their wider impacts on earthquake resilience.