In the second phase of QuakeCoRE, we have developed a new portfolio to enhance and grow our Communication, Education and Engagement efforts.

As a Centre of Research Excellence, we are proud of the breadth and depth of disciplinary and interdisciplinary science excellence across our programmes. Our aspirations are to support communicate our science within and beyond QuakeCoRE, to support our Early Career researchers (QERCs) and to facilitate outstanding external engagement. We have a strong foundation to build on from phase one of QuakeCoRE.

This year we have been scoping the Communication, Education and Engagement programme, and have developed a CEE Committee and strategy.

We are looking forward to working together in 2022 as we move the programme forward.

Guiding Principle:


Sharing our research to build collective understanding of earthquake resilience that enables diverse communities to take action

Defining our activities:

Communication, Education and Engagement Committee

Caroline Orchiston

Associate Director for Communication, Education and Engagement (CEE)

University of Otago

Kate Boersen

QuakeCoRE Engagement Coordinator

Illuminate Science

Ruth Hartshorn

QuakeCoRE Operations Manager

QuakeCoRE - University of Canterbury

Jason Ingham

Professor of Structural Engineering

University of Auckland

Alice Lake-Hammond

Programme Lead

AF8 [Alpine Fault Magnitude 8]

Georgia McCombe

Programme Lead

East Coast Lab: Life at the Boundary

Bec McMaster


ReMaster Agency

Kristian Azul

PhD Candidate

University of Auckland

Mark Stirling

Chair of Earthquake Science

University of Otago

Marion Tan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Massey University

David Carradine

Senior Structural Research Engineer


Diversity, Equity, Wellbeing and Inclusivity Rep

Position Vacant