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QuakeCoRE is a national network of leading New Zealand Earthquake Resilience Researchers. We leverage strengths across the country and internationally, working collaboratively on integrated multidisciplinary programs of internationally-leading research that will support the development of an earthquake-resilient NZ where thriving communities have the capacity to recover rapidly after major earthquakes through mitigation and pre-disaster preparation.

QuakeCoRE RfP

The QuakeCoRE RfP (Request for Proposals) is now open and will close 12pm Tuesday 25 October 2016.

Click the banner below to visit the QuakeCoRE Opportunities page.


QuakeCoRE RfP

The QuakeCoRE RfP (Request for Proposals) is now open and will close 12pm, 25 October 2016.

Please see the Opportunities page for more information.

Summer Scholarships: USER: Undergraduate Studies in Earthquake Resilience

The Undergraduate Studies in Earthquake Resilience (USER) is an initiative of the University of Canterbury, in Collaboration with QuakeCoRE, offering students the opportunity to participate in a Summer Research Programme. Find out more details together with an application form on our Opportunities page.

Applications close 5 pm Friday, 14th October.

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Publication Numbers

Researchers on QuakeCoRE funded projects are reminded to get their publication number prior to publication of outputs. Our publications numbers are available be emailing Sharmila.

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